Saturday, May 26, 2012


I will write my opinion after using Google tools for this semester. before the only tool I was using is Google Search and Gmail. But now I am using many tools daily. they saved my time and helped me a lot, so I will talk about each tool individually.

Google Search: this one is my favorite and I can't live without it. as a student I learned how to do a proper search and to narrow the results in order to reach the wanted information. That improve my projects , saved my time. as a personal use, I use Google search everyday to search for pictures and health tips. 

Google Docs: This one is my second top ten. It was my savior. I was having a hard time as a student to work in group and maintain the work with others. This tool allow me to do projects , presentation, table and excel sheets online and share it with classmates. 

Google Mail: although am using it before the course but I learned now more options like label and filter.

Google Earth: its very useful for me because it can give me clear directions for places I want to go.

Google Calendar: It is perfect for people like me who tend to forget a lot and who have a lot of projects and deadlines, Google calendar help in time management and reminding. I learnt how to add events, customize and share it also. 

 Picasa: is perfect for people who want easy photo editing. I can tag, add effects, edit one or two picture in the same time. also I can share with others.

Blogger: I learned how to make my own blog, customize it, add gadgets, add video bar , search bar and to follow other blogs and comments, its a great tool for personal communication but also can be use for business. 

Twitter: its the latest social tool. I learned to follow people and companies, search for people, post tweets and reply to people. It is a great tool for marketing and keep in touch with your customers.

Facebook: I learned to create account in Facebook, add people and pictures. Tag pictures and share with people. It is useful to create a business page to market your own business. 

Google Sites: I created an account, site, pages, insert pictures.

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