Monday, April 30, 2012

Live with Deals

I have notice that there are many websites that offer many nice deals in Dubai and in UAE
I started searching and I found out many websites like , , and others
are offering many deals , discount and promotions.

they are trying to be flexible with pay options so people will be more pursued to buy those deals
also those kind of deals can be found in magazine like Timeout Dubai where you can found
news about hotels and restaurants deals.

in the end I like you to try our some of these tools that can offer some good deals.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sawa dee ka!

Yes Finally am back from treatment trip to Thailand Bangkok
the weather was hotter than UAE ! streets are so crowded 
I spent my time between Hospital and the Hotel
I had chance to visit some of their malls 
I liked Safari park a lot they have amazing shows specially the cowboy show
It was like watching a life action movie!
in the end of this trip I ended with tons of medicines which I hope It will treat me

here some of my memories and best places their

cowboy show in safari world

Safari park

Bangkok plane view

dolphin show

Safari Park

James Bond Show

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vacation in Dubai

This short vacation is a good chance to relax and have fun

If you are not traveling somewhere

Enjoy you time in Dubai

here is my top 5 places in Dubai :-

1- Wild Wadi theme park

Wild Wadi is water fun park you can enjoy water huge slides
specially for us women there is a special only women day !

2-Creek Park

is combining the sea and park with a lot of activities to do
plus an amazing dolphins  and Ocean animals show.

3- The Palm Islands Dubai

This great project is worth to visit, you can enjoy the beaches, hotels and a lot of water sports, dont miss Atlantis the great hotel with aquarium, water park.

4- Burj Khalifa and Dubai mall

Here you can clime to the top of the world and enjoy a meal in the highest restaurant in the world. Dubai mall is the biggest mall ever with live fish aquarium and much more.

5- Ski Dubai

you can enjoy snow ! any time of the year in Ski Dubai
many different activities for experts and beginners, adults and kids a nice place for everybody.