Saturday, May 26, 2012


I will write my opinion after using Google tools for this semester. before the only tool I was using is Google Search and Gmail. But now I am using many tools daily. they saved my time and helped me a lot, so I will talk about each tool individually.

Google Search: this one is my favorite and I can't live without it. as a student I learned how to do a proper search and to narrow the results in order to reach the wanted information. That improve my projects , saved my time. as a personal use, I use Google search everyday to search for pictures and health tips. 

Google Docs: This one is my second top ten. It was my savior. I was having a hard time as a student to work in group and maintain the work with others. This tool allow me to do projects , presentation, table and excel sheets online and share it with classmates. 

Google Mail: although am using it before the course but I learned now more options like label and filter.

Google Earth: its very useful for me because it can give me clear directions for places I want to go.

Google Calendar: It is perfect for people like me who tend to forget a lot and who have a lot of projects and deadlines, Google calendar help in time management and reminding. I learnt how to add events, customize and share it also. 

 Picasa: is perfect for people who want easy photo editing. I can tag, add effects, edit one or two picture in the same time. also I can share with others.

Blogger: I learned how to make my own blog, customize it, add gadgets, add video bar , search bar and to follow other blogs and comments, its a great tool for personal communication but also can be use for business. 

Twitter: its the latest social tool. I learned to follow people and companies, search for people, post tweets and reply to people. It is a great tool for marketing and keep in touch with your customers.

Facebook: I learned to create account in Facebook, add people and pictures. Tag pictures and share with people. It is useful to create a business page to market your own business. 

Google Sites: I created an account, site, pages, insert pictures.

2 weeks left

this is my calender for the next two weeks 
I have a lot of deadlines and projects and 1 exam

I need to divide my time wisely 
use the weekend for preparations
wish me luck :)  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Best novels for all time

This is my list for the must read novels

Don Quixote Miguel De Cervantes
The story of the gentle knight and his servant Sancho Panza

Emma Jane Austen
Near impossible choice between this and Pride and Prejudice. But Emma never fails to fascinate and annoy.

Little Women Louisa M. Alcott
Victorian bestseller about a New England family of girls

Gone with the wind
a romantic story

The three musketeers
a well known novel and movies too

Agatha Christie the last seance
and many more of her novels is amazing

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

car accident

Today I had a car accident 
It is my first time and I hope it will be the last

although the police gave the blame to the other person 
but I feel I could prevent it If I was little patient 
also thinking about problems of like really effect the way you drive

I wish safety for everybody 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to make a balloon sweet

First ingredients

you need chocolate syrup, Oreo biscuits, cream, M&Ms, decoration candy and small balloons

fill the balloons and clean them 

melt all the chocolates and put each balloon in the melted chocolates to the half only
tidy them in clean plate in the refrigerator 

after it cool down , break the balloons and the chocolate will look like plate
now you can fill it with anything
I fill it with Oreo + cream 
you can decorate it with any fresh fruits or candy 
cool it again in the refrigerator and serve it to your guests !

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


First relaxing voices

in this website you can find the most wonderful nature voices with HD quality
you can listen only from the website 

Second tip Drink a cup of Chamomile tea

It’s delicious and calming
Can help in insomnia
It helps to digest food
Also it can relieve cough and flu